Sunday, 2 October 2016

Simple Way To Start Content Marketing

Article courtesy: iolo

Many people will tell you that that affiliate marketing isn't tough. This statement is true, but only  once you've got both your reader's attention, and trust.

You can gain attention and trust through a relationship with people who agree to receive content from you. And you can gain attention from people via search engines because Google trusts your content. What you really need is both.

[Caveat: You can obviously make money through affiliate marketing without using content at all. Simply use use search marketing to send traffic to pre-sell landing pages, or even directly to the merchant offer].

With the above said, I recently came across a very useful article through Performance Marketing Insider on simple ways to start content marketing. iolo affiliates ask me/us for advice on how to structure a successful content campaign, literally, on a daily basis. Please read on for some great ideas!

"Content marketing can be a great tool for small businesses to better communicate with customers. But you can't expect to just create a blog or social media post and have customers come running to buy from you. Instead, take a look at these tips from members of our small business community on how to make the most of your content marketing efforts.

Provide Value as an Expert Contributor
Serving as an expert contributor, or having expert contributors on your own site, can add value for your audience and allow you to share your expertise with a growing audience. However, it's important that you go about this process in the right way. Sian Phillips offers some tips in this Tweak Your Biz post. And BizSugar members share input here.

Understand the Benefits of Medium
If you haven't yet heard of Medium, it's a platform that allows people to share their written work in a super simple setting that also has a potentially powerful reach. In this TKM Labs post, Steven Tran shares a bit about Medium and how businesses and bloggers can potentially benefit from it.

Learn These Lessons from BuzzFeed's Most Popular Content
If you want to create great shareable content, you have to learn from the best. BuzzFeed's posts get consistently high views and shares. So if you look at some of the site's most popular content, as discussed in this Marketing Land post by Kerry Jones, you may be able to learn some lessons that apply to your own content."

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